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Set up Value Track Parameters in Campaign and Ads Group

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Hello all,

I am using auto-tagging in analytics to see the data of Adwords. Now I need to set up value track parameters with some destination page URLs. If I upgrade the destination URL at Campaign level/ Ad group level or keyword level, my ads QS will be same as in past or it will change? Should I create new Campaign and ad groups for this? so I can retain QS which is 8 to 10 right now.



Udit Sharma

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April 2016

Re: Set up Value Track Parameters in Campaign and Ads Group

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Hi Udit S,
Destination URL still exists? I assume you are talking about final URL.

When you change the destination URL at the keyword level, it does not reset your stats. When you change it at the ad level, it does reset your stats, and has the effect of deleting the old ad a creating a new one. Stats from before the change are still available under the deleted ad.

Quality score is primarily based on predicted CTR, ad relevance and landing page experience. Creating a new ad (with new Ad ID) with the same keyword, creative, landing page and device would therefore not affect the quality score.

hope this helps.