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Seperate Conversion Tracking codes?

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I am running one Search and one Display campaign. Both lead to the same Thank You confirmation page. 


Question 1: Do I need to place two seperate conversion tracking codes - one for Search and the other for Display? That way on the conversion section I can see conversions for Search and Display resptively. BTW I have the two campaigns going to seperate URLs but ending at the same Thank You page. 


Question 2: How do I see the Conv. (1-per-click) / Cost / conv. (1-per-click) / Conv. rate (1-per-click) results? Does that data automatically show up when I set up the basic conversion tracking code and put it on my Thank You confirmation page? If that is the case, how does the tracking code know how to associate that tracking code with the particular adword campagin/keyword/ad? In other words, if I put that tracking code up on my thank you page, how does it know not to track those conversions and recrod the data for a seperate campaign.


Thank you very much for the help. I am trying to get my campaign launched really soon! 



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Re: Seperate Conversion Tracking codes?

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Hi Becca,

Welcome to AdWords community Smiley Happy

Here is answers of your questions:-

#1 You can use the two conversions for different campaigns, but I don't understand why you want to use two different code. Because you can see the individual campaigns conversion, when you use single code.


Yes you can see all conversion metrics in each campaigns level. You can add the columns of conversions and can see the reports.

Google automatically tracks and records each conversion to campaigns level. Google uses cookies to track conversions.These are third party cookies. If a user clicks on your AdWords ad and proceeds to your conversion page, that cookie will be delivered with the request for the script. If the cookie is not present, no conversion is recorded.

Hope these will help you Smiley Happy
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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