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Segmenting by device and conversion type

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Hello all,


I'd like to know how I can segment by campaign resports by device and conversion type... but... at the same time!


Basically, I'd like to segment my campaigns by device so that I can see how conversion rates differ depending on whether the visitor is using a desktop, tablet or mobile.


However, I currently record two different conversion types (enquiries and sales) don't want to include enquiries in the conversion numbers - just want to include sales.


Does anyone know if this is possible?


Thank you kindly,


Re: Segmenting by device and conversion type

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Hi Louise,


I normally find it much easier to use google analytics when Im trying to track multiple conversion types.


Do you have the goals set up as well as the conversion tracking for AdWords?


Analytics tip for you. When creating goals put your sales in one goal set and enquiries into another. It makes it much easier to segment in analytics this way.