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Secure search/'not provided' and PPC

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I just wanted to get some 'on the ground' clarity regarding Google secure search (for paid traffic). We have been keeping our eye on the various info being circulated about this (both within industry sources and the Google developer blog) and there seems to be a lot of confusion over exactly what will be changing. As far as I understand, both keyword and search query data will remain intact in Adwords and GA. So where exactly will be be losing visibility on our PPC queries?



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Re: Secure search/'not provided' and PPC

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Hi Lynn W,

The search query data will not be in the referrer data. Organic search terms are affected in GA. Most, it not all, will show as "not provided". Google considers this a privacy issue.

The search query report in AdWords will still be able to show you the search terms used, but the data will not allow identification of the person(s) using that search term.

Best of Luck!

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