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Search network -low daily impressions

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is normal to be getting a low number of impressions

on the search network daily, sometimes less than 50 impressions.I have my settings to

search network only-all features.My advanced targetting option is set to " people in your

targeted location". I set my targeting to this as I was getting clicks on my ads from other

countries and I am a local service business not requiring clicks from outside my targeted

area, which is a 50 km radius from my business location. thanks again for the great support!

Re: Search network -low daily impressions

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Badged Google Partner

It all depends...


How many KW's in what match types. Bids, budget, bidding type, etc., etc.


Definitely enable your impression share columns. Are you getting 100% impression share for the campaign structure you already have? If not, where are you losing impression share - Bids or budget? That will give you some idea of where to start increasing impressions.


Once you have done that, if you still aren't accruing as many impressions as you want, then look at expanding match types of keywords. If you are using all broad match, added relevant terms from the KW tool and search terms report, have no negative KW's, and still have a low impression volume, then look at exploring the display network as well.