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Search Term Report - Other Search Terms?

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Hope everyone is well. I have a question about an Adwords campaign I'm running for a client. This has only been live for about a week with a small budget, but today I went into the Search Query report to see which keywords were triggering my ads, and it turns out I can only see a list of 8 keywords - the rest appear hidden under 'Other Search Terms'.


The 8 keywords I can see all have 1 click, and between 1 and 9 impressions (meaning their CTR is really high, from 11.11% to 100%). In total, they make up for 20 impressions and 8 clicks. The ones I can't see, however, accumulate 1,651 impressions and 17 clicks, with a CTR of 1,03%.


It seems strange that I can't see the bulk of my data. I'd understand if it was the other way around, but the keywords I currently can't see are spending most of the budget and dragging down the average CTR. Why does this happen? Is there any way to see these keywords?



Re: Search Term Report - Other Search Terms?

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Hi Enfly,

Welcome to the Adwords Community!

Your question is how to seem rest of the "Other Search Term" keywords. Right.
We doesn't seem all Search Term Report, some of seen in "Other Search Term" but we can't see that because of last 3 day search term is not updated.

Please check the data before 3 day ago, you can see all the search term.


Re: Search Term Report - Other Search Terms?

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Hello Enfly,

To answer your query, I will share one small paragraph from this below link:

"Keep in mind that you’ll only see search terms that were used by people at least 24 hours ago and have either received clicks in the past 30 days or were searched for by a significant number of people. Any search terms that did not meet this criteria will be summed up in the 'Other search terms' row."

I hope this helps.
Kapil M