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Rule Based and Tag Based

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Hi All,


  I am getting confused with Rule Based and Tag Based Audience list. Please explain whats the difference between them and in which case we should use tag based audience ?




Re: Rule Based and Tag Based

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Hello ,


The rule based audience is relatively easy to comprehend, you can set a rule as to what the URL should or should not contain, a string of characters.


The tag based audience is more difficult and subtle  , here it is explained with an example : link


"   How to use this template

  1. Select the "Visitors of a page with a specific tag" template from the menu.
  2. Select one or more tags from the "Tags" box. If you add more than one tag, visitors in any of the selected tags will become part of the new remarketing list.

When you use this template, you can select existing AdWords Conversion Tracking tags as well. These tags are listed with the same names as in the Conversions tab in AdWords. Selecting a Conversion Tracking tag can be helpful if you haven't been able to add the remarketing tag to the conversion page but still want to reach or exclude this audience.   "


Tagging also means that you can control some custom parameters , one nice example is provided here : link


"  More sophisticated lists

The remarketing tag also lets you send to your AdWords account custom parameters that you can use to create more sophisticated remarketing lists. In addition, our automated bidding system can use these custom parameters to optimize. For example, your tag could pass in the value of the product viewed (the custom parameter in this example would be "ecomm_pvalue"), and you could create lists of people who viewed products with a price of less than $100, $100-$500, and $500+.  "