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Reverse Goal Path and Completion

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Hello everyone, running into a sour issue here. Any help to resolve this issue or any ideas of how I can complete my objective in an alternate/easier way, would be appreciated.


Objective: To find out how many people are visiting my company's website and completing a form. Of those people, what paths are they taking/pages are they visiting, from entering the homepage, to completing the goal.



Setup: We have around 5 forms, all with success pages that end in /success/. So in the admin panel, I created custom destination goal. I then chose 'regular expression' and the box is filled in with /success. (With Funnel off)


Problem: When looking at the conversion data reports in analytics in Goals> Reverse Goal Path, I can see the Goal Completion Location (i.e. which form is filled out the most). However all the Goal Previous steps remain the same.




Goal Completion location: /product_name/try-and-buy/free-trial/success (Success Page)

Goal Previous Step-1: /product_name/try-and-buy/free-trial (Form Page)

Goal Previous Step-2: /product_name/try-and-buy/free-trial

Goal Previous Step-3: /product_name/try-and-buy/free-trial

Goal Previous Step-4: /product_name/try-and-buy/free-trial


Why is it not properly displaying the paths that people are taking to get to the form page, but it works for the first previous step and just repeats? Any suggestions?

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Re: Reverse Goal Path and Completion

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Hi @Zachery W it's just an idea, but is there anything in your form page code that might cause the page to reload before submission?  For example, if you're using Ajax or JS to reload the page to verify field completions or something?  I'd probably start by looking for reasons why the GA code might be reloaded multiple times...


Is the behaviour the same for all forms?  i.e. do they all show the completed goal, then only one page (the form page) in history?  If so, that might increase the likelihood that it's coding on the page as the individual form submission pages are probably using mostly copied code from each other.



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