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Currently i create a very custom report for all of our Adwords partners. However, as we are gaining more and more partners(clients). I am seeing how my custom reports, although good, they are just not sustainable. 



The one problem I'm finding with reporting tools that are not custom base is that the reports are over 10+ pages long, they are ugly, and they are hard to understand(if you are the client.) 



What tools do you utilize for your reports? 

How long do your reports take you? 

How did you streamline your reporting process? 





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Re: Reports!

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Hi Chloe,

I don't think your struggles are uncommon, we all likely feel your pain. And finding a solution can be tough.

I would start with what your needs are. Do you need high level executive type 1 pager reports or something more extensive? What type of customization/personalization will you need? What data sources would you be using to import your data etc...

I found that once you identify your needs, it's much easier to find a solution. We still have some clients that we can't get away from custom reports, there is just too much crunching of data. But, for others a simple, auto-updating monthly report is working perfectly.

What is ideal in your world? What is your vision of a perfect report?


Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Reports!

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Hi Tommy,

My reports typically are 4 pages long. Very high level. Our partners really have no interest in going deep into like Keyword level data. So we give them the general information they need to value ROI. (with images and graphs to make it less awful ;-). )

Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Form Submissions, subscriber information, lead details, Call Tracking information.

My ideal scenario would be a tool that pulls the data(Nicely) and places it in a document. Without me having to sign into 5 or more different applications to get the same information.