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Reports - show all conversions through each channel

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paid search

organic search

direct traffic



list the goals by count and also list detailed adwords data for paid search (such as keyword/adgroup/campaign name). Also list organic search keywords.


Is it possible to create a report like this? I can sniff around analytics and build up an idea of the conversions by looking through the adwords/matched search queries tab, and then looking at the content section and reverse goal path section (filter by segment) and get an idea of each one.


But combining them seems tricky. I would like to report to client and having a tough time creating these reports.




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Re: Reports - show all conversions through each channel

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Hi morecaffeine

Here is a simple report you can do for this

  1. Log in to analytics
  2. go to custom reports
  3. create new custom report
  4. add metrics : goal completions 1, goal completions 2, etc
  5. add dimension : source / medium 
  6. Click on save
  7. Look at the top of report for secondary dimension search for keyword in it and add it.

But if you want more dimensions like adgroup or campaign then its not possible with standard analytics interface for that. For this kind of report you should use a tool like query explorer where you can have more than 2 dimensions

Hope this helps



Regards, Nik
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Re: Reports - show all conversions through each channel

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Thanks a lot Nik. I should really do the reporting module in the Adwords exams to get familiar with all the feature of analytics. I didn't realise how useful analytics is until now.


The only gripe I have is that it's not possible to assign the secondary dimension options when building the custom report or allow me to preset which secondary dimensions to be used by client to make it easier to report. But I will just have to train client on how to use analytics. Not easy when client is a tech luddite. Smiley Sad