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Reports in AdWords show zero for all values, or show no values at all on a campaign with 800 clicks.

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Hi guys!


I launched a Display Network campaign about a week ago. It has since received 800+ clicks on a somewhat small budget. Now, after looking at the performance of each ad group on the website, I realized I needed to optimize the keywords in order to give more traffic to the ad groups that were actually producing conversions and hopefully lower the CPA (which is really high right now, at a whooping $18). So, of course, I went to "Reports" -> "Predefined" -> "Paid and Organic"... and see nothing. 


AdWords Screenshot.png


Now, since this is a Display Campaign, perhaps the paid vs organic term is not what I need to look at; maybe it only applies to Search Network campaigns. However, Keywords are one of the parameters for Display Network campaigns, so I would expect to be able to see the performance of the Keywords, the actual searches that triggered the ad, etc. 


Why are all my keyword/search term related reports empty? There are no filters on the report. 



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Reports in AdWords show zero for all values, or show no values at all on a campaign with 800 clicks.

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Hi @Diego R


The pre-defined reports under report section won't help you get what you are after. The report you are looking will data when you have Google Search Console linked to AdWords, and it will show data for search network campaigns only. Or, you can create custom reports from the report section by dragging the required metrics to the canvas area.


To see how different keywords triggered your ads on display network, you can go to your Campaign Name > Keywords. To see the sites where your ads appeared, you need to go to Placements tab. 


The best way would be to click Display Campaigns from the left bar under All Campaigns and then in the next navigation click your campaign name. Next, click keywords, placements, topics, demographics, etc. as you would require. It would show you the report you need. 


PS. The Search Term report won't be available display network campaign. 


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