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Removing AdWords Data in GA - Shady Companies "Poaching"

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I knew times were getting tough, but wanted to share a new "tactic" that I've been coming across and (desperately) trying to find a solution.


For the clients we manage, we import as much data as possible into GA, including cost figures from AdWords.  This way, we can create custom reports, comparing different types of media, ROAS, etc.  However, being this transparent sometimes puts us at risk.  We've been working with a few car dealerships, who are big targets for everyone to approach and sell services too, but we have been coming across some very shady business practices in the past few weeks.


Out last client was approached by an "expert" who requested to look into their GA data, then wrote to them, saying that we are "overcharging them per click" and they can buy the "same terms for a lot less;" to the point of 50% they claim.  So of course, we can't win everyone over and one manager decides to give it a try for a month with them -- then they lock them into a contract.  


Same thing just happened today and I'm frustrated beyond belief and can't find a way to "hide" any certain data in GA.  Cost/CPC seems to be an easy target, but even removing the AdWords account, I can't remove the data.


Somewhat related... we took over an account earlier in the month and found out the prior agency accidentally linked the wrong AdWords account, so the data is WAY off.  According to the rep we work with, unlinking the account will remove the data, but doesn't seem to be working.


Any help?

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September 2015

Re: Removing AdWords Data in GA - Shady Companies "Poaching"

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Hi Tommy,

Re: Hiding AW data in GA
Try creating a duplicate profile in your GA account and only giving your client access to that one profile. And just don't import the cost data from AdWords into that profile.
You can still maintain your other profile where you're importing the cost data.

Re: Unlinking an AW/GA account
If you unlink an AW account from a GA account, it will stop pulling in data from the day you unlink moving forward. But it won't doctor up previous data and remove it retroactively.

Hope that helps!

Re: Removing AdWords Data in GA - Shady Companies "Poaching"

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Or stay open and honest. If your clients are willing to try out another company when you are doing good work for them then that is just greed & more fool them.

If you're competition actually provides a better service at a cheaper rate then maybe you are doing something wrong. Yes you did put in the grunt work but if it has come to a point where someone can take-over it and run it with ease then maybe you need to look at you're pricing.

If work falls off in one area you can always look to prop it up in others. Be there for your client, offer advice, see if there is anything else they could be doing to help their on-line marketing- also get to know them. This is how you build loyalty. With this approach your competition can quote as low a figure as they want and your clients wont budge.