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Remarketing list time after conversion

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How do I create list based on time AFTER required action? Ex. user visit goal page and listed to a list not immediately but after 10 days


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October 2015

Re: Remarketing list time after conversion

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Hi @Саша П you can do this by using a custom combination list, created from two separate lists.


Create one list that contains everyone who visits your goal page, and set the list expiry at whatever time you want.  Create a second list, with the same goal as the first, but set the expiry at 10 days.  Then create your custom combination using everyone in the first list and no-one from the second list, this custom combination will then include only people who have not visited the goal page in the last 10 days.



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Re: Remarketing list time after conversion

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Hi Cawa,

What I understood from your query is - you want to re-target specific page visitors after 10days from the required action. Right?

Re-marketing tag will add audience exact on time the code is been triggered (i.e. visit to specific page). So here you cant really control lists to be generated on specific time as the code is already triggered and list is being generated there on.

How can you control your targeting so that you can re-target your audinece after 10days?
You simply can use Automated Rule - Create a new campaign X and assign a specific list to it but set a rule here to 'enable campaign when..(set a start date after 10 days)'

This way your campaign will start and ads will start targeting people based on the list (page visited). Don't forget to set 'campaign end date..' This is very important that you close the loop you created by using automated loop!

Hope this helps!