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Remarketing conversion attribution to keywords

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I am going with few confusion over attribution of my conversions.


If i have a running campaign of t-shirts on different colours. consisting of keywords: "blue tshirts", "slim blue tshirts" "half sleeve blue tshirts" "green tshirts" "yellow tshirts".


And later decide to run a re-marketing campaign on display and get few conversions.


How i would be able to track that which keyword should get credited for the conversion?







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Re: Remarketing conversion attribution to keywords

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Hi Vineet,


In AdWords, such a remarketing conversion would be attributed to the remarketing campaign. AdWords automatically attributes a conversion to the last clicked ad.


In Analytics, however, you can compare different attribution models. That way you can for example use a first interaction attribution instead of a last interaction attribution model. Using such a model, you can see which keywords and ad clicks (or organic/direct/...) happened before the remarketing conversion.


More information on attribution modeling in analytics can be found here: