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Remarketing code affecting other tracking

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I'm currently setting up re-marketing on my webpage.


I have problems though, the IT team wont upload the tags without being certain they won't affect current tracking.


I'm using the process of adding the code to the body of the website not through Analytics due to personal information throughout the site.


Can anyone be certain that adding the code to the pages will not affect any other codes/tags on the site?


Thanks for your help,


Lloyd Morris-Fletcher

Re: Remarketing code affecting other tracking

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Well I have implemented remarketing codes on serveral websites and I have never came accross that code affecting any other code on the page.

I dont think you will have any issues at all as long as the code is implemented correctly. Make sure you close all script tags and CDATA.

Does your IT team has any specific concerns about the code?


Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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