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Remarketing audiences based on time & product..?

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Hello everyone,


I am planning a campaign for an eCommerce client in which my idea is to target users who abandoned cart coming from a specific product page based on the cookie expiry cycle. For example:


I want to retarget users who visited Apple iPhone 6 plus product page >> proceeded till cart page but then dropped. In order to remarket & at the same time capture their intent, I want to run it on time manner (cookie membership duration) like user who abandoned cart in-

1. Last 3 days

2. Last 7 days

3. Last 15 days


Hope you all have understood my question.


Request you all to help me define the mechanism and help me understand how to go about it. 





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September 2015

Re: Remarketing audiences based on time & product..?

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Google Employee
For cart abandoners you need 2 lists and a custom combination:
- 1. Cart viewers 3 days (and 7 and 15 days)
- 2. Converters 3 days (and 7 and 15 days)
- Custom combination: list 1 ("any of these audiences (OR)") minus list 2 ("none of these audiences") see

That said, I wouldn't segment based on membership duration because it's too much work to manage, instead I'd rather use conversion optimizer (target CPA or target ROAS) as they already take into account membership duration to adjust bids in real-time for every single impression.

Re: Remarketing audiences based on time & product..?

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Thanks a lot Maxime. There is just one confusion, if I set cookie membership time 3, 7, 15 days.. how the cookies period of 7 & later will survive as I'll set the rule to kill it after the 3 days only?

Re: Remarketing audiences based on time & product..?

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Google Employee
Membership duration isn't implemented via the cookie expiration, it's something that is managed on the server-side.
Google has a single cookie used for all display advertising across all advertisers.