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Remarketing List of Users

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Hi There,


As we are running an Adwords campaign using Remarketing focused for certain specific users based on the pages they visited on the website, is there any way to retrieve the list of those users based on this criteria using Adwords??



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Re: Remarketing List of Users

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Hi @Vijaylakshmi K


Welcome to the community!


Yes you can both retrieve the list in Adwords & GA.


In Adwords, it's all in the "Campaign Tab" - "Shared Library" - "Audience" and here you can find all the remarketing list that created by Adwords & GA with estimated audience size.


You can create/retrieve lists here and set rules, see below: (The red bracket options are what you might need)






Re: Remarketing List of Users

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Hi Vijaylakshmi,

Yes, you can create remarketing list from adwords and analytics both.
In Adwords,

Login to your adwords account.
Click on Shared Library
Click on Audience
Click on Remarketing List,
Click on Rule>Url>Equal to >

Add url according to your need and create you audience list according to them.

Hope it helps you.
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Re: Remarketing List of Users

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Hi Vijaylakshmi K,

It doesn't look to me like the answers here address your question. No, you can not retrieve a list of those users by name, IP address or any other criteria. No personal data is available through AdWords. You can re-market to the list.

Best of Luck!

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