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Remarketing List for Non Converters

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Hi everyone!


I was wondering if anyone knew a way round targeting users who haven't converted on a site if conversions are not tracked by a landing page?


Conversions on the website I am referring to are clicks of certain buttons not landing page loads.


When you go to create a remarketing list, you can only seem to use URL's?


Is there another way to create a list of non converters if you don't have thank you/confirmation pages?




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Remarketing List for Non Converters

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Hi Laura,


The simplest way to start getting to where you want to be is to install Google Tag Manager - and implement your Analytics from there.


Once you've done that, you can tag certain buttons and actions that visitors take on your site as events and track those events as goals.


Once that is done you can create a segment of visitors who have triggered certain goals and then these segements can be turned into remarketing lists.... combine these in an include/exclude combo and you'll have the list you want to target...


So, to explain... let's say you want to target all those people who have not clicked on button A. Tag a click on button A as an event and turn that into a goal. Create a visitor segment for all those people who clicked on button A.


Turn that segment into a remarketing list.


Now create another remarketing list which is:


All visitors - include


Button A clickers - none of these (exclude)


et voila!


You are now targeting everyone who visited your site that didn't click button A