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Remarketing Conversion Tracking

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I currently have conversion tracking set up for all of our goals for our adword search network. However, I am unsure of how to set up conversion tracking for remarketing. Obviously they will be the same goals, so I can use the same triggers, I just don't know how to set up the rest of it to make sure I am successfully tracking a display click that then leads to a form-fill (for example) on our website. 


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Re: Remarketing Conversion Tracking

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You really shouldn't have to add anything else, Since the goals are already tracking, Question are you using Adwords Conversion Code, or Google Analytics Goals?

If you are using GA Goals, then you would see the information In Google Analytics under the Acquisition, Adwords, Campaigns, report for the campaign you labeled as Remarketing. Look for the Goals, and you would see what fired what.

If you are using AW Code, then you would make sure you have a column for conversions In Adwords in your Campaign/ Ad Group and Keyword level under the Remarketing section to see which keywords converted .

With remarketing or any campaign new Goals or Conversions scripts don't need to be created, just make sure you have the columns in place in AW or Locate the campaigns in analytics if they are GA Goals. ( which I find the easiest to work with)

Re: Remarketing Conversion Tracking

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Hi Caleb,

Eric is right on. Basically, when you set up a standard Conversion in AdWords, it becomes available to all campaigns. So, if someone clicks on any of your ads and converts, the conversion can be properly attributed to the campaign where that click originated. The same is true for Analytics Goals/Events. The click data travels with the user so when the goal/event criteria are met, that can also be attributed back to the origin within your AdWords account.


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Re: Remarketing Conversion Tracking

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Ah, that makes sense. While it is what I assumed, I couldn't find anything that explicitly stated that the conversions would also be attributed to the remarketing campaign. Thanks!