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Remarketing, 0 website visitors?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to setup retargetting for my website for ecommerce.

The remarketing audience is only showing that there are users being counted under the [All Users] list. But 0 under the other lists

I tried to follow some remarketing guides by google here:


Well Under [All Visitors], it's just -- --, blank.

The current setup is that I have GA setup, and linked to adwords. According to the tool tip, I can choose to use GA tags which are I have no need to add adwords tag for remarketing? It is still showing up at no tag detected.


Update. GA Tag was detected but after refreshing it's not detected again. Is the GA remarketing tag not the same as the new universal GA Tag that we put?

A little confused, here - thanks

Re: Remarketing, 0 website visitors?

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Hey Esther, how are things?


This can be a little confusing, so I hope this will help you.


There're two ways of installing remarketing tags on your website:

  1. Using Google Adwords tag
  2. Using you Google Analytics account, then sending the list to Adwords


Using Adwords tag

If you wish to use Google Adwords tag to create Remarketing, this page have everything you need:


Using Google Analytics

You can set up the remarketing from Analytics, and there're two possible ways to do that:

  1. Modifying your property settings (easier and recommended)
  2. Modifying your analytics snippet

Both methods you can have detailed information on this page:


Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Remarketing, 0 website visitors?

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Hi, that helps, but my question is more of,

do I still need to implement Google Adwords Tag when the Google Analytics
is installed already (and sent to Google Adwords).

I've done the Google Analytics route but adwords still report that tags are
not placed properly.