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Redirects of Fianl URL

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Hi everybody,


I have a quick question, please help me with answering.

when i create an add and final URL is for example:

when ad shown in searches and someone click on it, redirects to here:


it's always like this no matter what i set first final URL. people always land on second URL.


Can someone help me to solve this?



Re: Redirects of Fianl URL

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Can you please check if you have created a tracking template?
This probably will be something lie{lpurl}
Regards, Nik
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Re: Redirects of Fianl URL

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No i don't set any tracking template.
at least i don't see anything in my ads
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Re: Redirects of Fianl URL

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I am with the niks on this one. The fact that you have tracking parameters in the url ( specifically points out that you are not using auto-tagging but are manually entering in a url.

Are you using any 3rd party software with AdWords if there is no tracking template in AdWords.

The URL that it is going to is definitely being 'manipulated'.

Read more about tracking templates here: