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Record Multiple Click Conversions on 1 Page

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I'm attempting to track multiple click conversions on the same page. Basically, when someone lands on a page via a Google AdWords advertisement, I want to track when they click on several different types of buttons and distinguish between them. I have set up 3 different conversions in AdWords for each of my landing pages. This generates 3 different blocks of code that I am to insert. However, the function name is the same for each, so I can't realistically include them all on the same page. I've taken the entire block of code and placed it into a function that accepts the unique parameters from each individual block of code. In this case, the "google_conversion_label" and of course the destination URL to load once the user clicks a button.


I have included my code below for reference, changing the conversion labels to random strings (not sure if posting the original here is an issue, but better safe than sorry).


Obviously this setup fails the Google Tag Assistant checker because the "google_conversion_label" variable is not set on pageload. I'm instead setting it during the function call.


Understandably, most of my conversions are labeled as "unverified" in the AdWords dashboard. Does anyone see an issue with how I have these set up?


Function Calls:


//Adwords Email Conversion
jQuery('').on('click', function(){ 
	adwords_conversion(undefined, "ZnGljnxSEx"); 

//Adwords Phone Conversion
jQuery('#phone-email-container #phone-link').on('click', function(){ 
	var tel = jQuery(this).attr('href');
	adwords_conversion(tel, "bXOdqyacvw");

//Adwords Typeform Link Conversion
jQuery('#typeform-links li a').on('click', function(){ 
	var url = jQuery(this).attr('href');
	adwords_conversion(url, "CLDWmgRSIk");


Main Function:

function adwords_conversion(dest_url, conversion_label) {
	/* <![CDATA[ */
	  goog_snippet_vars = function() {
	    var w = window;
	    w.google_conversion_id = 9346532963;
	    w.google_conversion_label = conversion_label;
	    w.google_remarketing_only = false;
	  goog_report_conversion = function(url) {
	    window.google_conversion_format = "3";
	    var opt = new Object();
	    opt.onload_callback = function() {
	    if (typeof(url) != 'undefined') {
	      window.location = url;
	  var conv_handler = window['google_trackConversion'];
	  if (typeof(conv_handler) == 'function') {
	/* ]]> */
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Record Multiple Click Conversions on 1 Page

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Hi Josh,


I'm not a coder, but in situations like yours I use Google Analytics and add event code to each clickable item. Then you make a goal from each event and import them into AdWords. This is much easier to achieve, and provides data for all visitors, not just AdWords. It is also easy to test, in the Real Time section of Analytics you can see if your clicks are being recorded.