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Re, Keywords Types

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Dear Community, 

Thanks to all of community members, keyword match option afftect a cpc or quality score of campaign..

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Re: Re, Keywords Types

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Hi Sumanppc,


I'm going to take a stab at this for you. 


My understanding is that the match type itself is not going to have direct impact on QS, it's more of an indirect effect. 


Let me try to explain my theory. 


Hypothetical situation here - Now lets say you sell only specific brands of footwear, Nike, Reebok and Converse.


If you use broad match keywords say (sneakers, shoes, footwear) these keywords in broad match would match an extremely large amount of search queries, including what Google referrers to as 'variations'.  Now while you would still match for some relevant terms (Nike sneakers, Reebok footwear etc...), you would also match for these other search terms which would have very little relevance to your business and website (Marc Jacobs Shoes, Jimmy Choo Shoes etc..). 


When your ads appear for terms that are not relevant, chances are your ads will not get clicked on quite as often and this leads to a much lower CTR, which as we know is a driving factor in Quality Score.


So to combat the irrelevant matching of search queries, you can implement more specific match types on your keywords and use negative keywords which will limit the search queries that your keywords will match for, thus limiting irrelevant impressions, reversing the situation I explained above.  More relevant impressions = more clicks = higher CTR = higher QS. Having higher QS often lead to lower CPC's as well.


For instance, If you selected "Nike Sneakers" as a keyword in phrase match you are saying, only show my ads when the search query contains "Nike Sneakers" as you have set it within the quotes.  This would show your ad to users who are actually looking for information related to Nike Sneakers, the potential for interaction with this user is much greater because your ads are much more appealing to this user.


I hope you can see what I'm trying to get at here.  Using more targeted keywords is almost always a good idea. 


Here are a few resources you may find helpful:


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Hope this helps!


Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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