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Re: Google paid traffic showing 100% bounce rate and 00.00.00

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I am having the same problem as Simon for few months now though there are only few paid clicks per day. For organic search the bounce rate is never 100%. 


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Re: Google paid traffic showing 100% bounce rate and 00.00.00

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Hi Ashutosh
If your situation is the same as in the previous thread, the answers are still valid. You did not provide any new information.

Is your AdWords and GA accounts linked correctly? (Are you seeing campaign and keyword data for example or just (not set)?

Have you checked the keyword report (the details, not the terms you're bidding on) to ensure that your clicks are indeed being generated from relevant clicks?

Is your landing page that you're sending paid traffic to working and/or 100% relevant to the keywords your clicks are coming from?

Has your paid search traffic ever registered a non bounced visit in GA?

Remember, a bounced visit is always 00.00.00 as Peter mentioned in the previous thread. They could be reading your page for 5 hours but not interact with your site and be considered a bounced visit.

Finally, does your landing page have an auto played video on it? This could account for it.

Best bet is to examine the above, then if that's not the issue, maybe provide your landing page URL so I can take a look to check if GA is installed correctly. However, I can NOT check if your GA and AdWords accounts are linked correctly (see above as to why this is important).