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Question about adwords conversion tracking / attribution report

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I don't have adwords, so I was hoping to get some help.

I've read that adwords can track a users movement over days through your site and also track all of your ads they see before converting. My question is this;

Is it made available to you where the ad impressions were seen ? (Specifically URLs?) For example, an ad is displayed at

Is that URL or search term made available to you in the attribution report  (or somewhere else)? Note that its just ad impressions, not clicks.


I have been told that with Youtube, you can get the urls of where ad impressions were made. Is this accurate?

Question about adwords conversion tracking / attribution report

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AdWords is an advertising platform that allows you to market your business through Google search, search partners networks, as well as websites that allow advertisements through the Google adsense/double click publisher program.


Google analytics is a program which enables you to gain insights in regards to user behavior while on your site - Which, can also be integrated with the AdWords program, and provides you with more options, information, and opportunities to further improve your Return On Ad Spend.


What are you trying to do here? 

Promote a YouTube video?

Advertise your business?

Gain insights about your customer base?

Analyze your website traffic?

All of the above?