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Pull MCC script beginning at certain hour of certain day?

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I would like to pull data from an ACE experiment that began on a certain date, but want to only get the data after noon on that day. Within the script can you say something along the lines of DATE IS AFTER 2014-09-03-12-00 (where the 12-00 indicates only data after noon).



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September 2015

Re: Pull MCC script beginning at certain hour of certain day?

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Hi Samuel,

Now I am no script master, did a crash course and learnt the stuff with no background so that I could write my own scripts and Dr frakenstein other scripts. So my solution may not be the only one nor the most elegant.

I would imagine that what you would need to do is write into your script a section that gets the data at the level you want and segment it by 'HourOfDay'. You would then only .push /.append the data that you want onto your google doc (if thats what you using) I am guessing off the bat that you would have to do this through a conditional, just ensure that the data is segmented as a 24 hour clock otherwise it could get interesting.

These are just my original thoughts on the idea, but I know that you can segment your data by hour and by that token you can then only .push the data that you want.

Hope this helps