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Problem with Tracking Conversion Details in Analytics

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Hi There,


I wanted to know one thing. I have a landing page in my Adwords campaign and I am tracking the conversion for this also. But in Analytics when I checked the visitors flow for this particular URL, I found some incorrect data regarding this page. 


I have got 4 conversions on 11th of Feb' 2014 but while checking in Analytics it's showing only 3 conversions. I wanted to track the correct funnels for this URL but not getting the correct result.


Is information shown in analytics wrong or we are tracking it wrong? Please help.



Here I am attaching the report of Google Analytics:

Visitors Flow   Google Analytics.png

Re: Problem with Tracking Conversion Details in Analytics

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I would suggest you to put a Goal Funnel which is better and recommended for these type of analysis.

Also, would like to let you know that Google Analytic tracks anything when the information is triggered through its js code which you put on your webpages, if the js code is not being triggered then in that case it may happen that activity is not being tracked.

Re: Problem with Tracking Conversion Details in Analytics

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Thanks for your reply Vineet W. I understand what you have said. But I wanted to know why the number of conversions shown in Adwords is not matching to the Analytics report?

I wanted to know, if there is something wrong with the Analytics code as if Analytics can track 3 conversions for the same day and also from the URL, so why not 4 conversions?

Please Help...

Thanks & Regards
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Re: Problem with Tracking Conversion Details in Analytics

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Hi Lnsel,
You're seeing different numbers between AdWords and Analytics because of how they report Conversions. AdWords will attribute a Conversion on the day the click occurred. Analytics will attribute the Conversion on the actual day it happened.
Keep in mind, the two tools should be close, but never match exactly. Another reason for this is AdWords runs every click through a redirect to cookie the user to track Conversions. Google Analytics relies on Tracking URLs (manual or Auto Tagging) to track incoming users. Sometimes, based on a users privacy settings, or based on the load time, or based on the tagging itself, Google Analytics will not be able to tell where the user came from.
Also, it could be a lag time in the reporting and maybe Analytics hadn't been updated yet with the freshest data.
Hope this helps!