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Problem related to report downloading.

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I have a problem related to report downloading.


First of all I can get every bit of data on Google Adwords interface I need.

If I turn on ‘Conversion tracking purpose’ in the SEGMENT tab, signups and sells are showing fine for conversions many per click. We track multiple points of conversion and from within the interface they appear fine.

The Problems is when I attempt to download the exact data shown on my screen, from the adwords interface, it is not downloading the break out of conversion segments that I see on my screen.
So I download the report as an Excel spread sheet, and the signups and sells are nowhere to be found in the downloaded spreadsheet.

I have also tried to add the ‘Conversion tracking purpose segment’ in the download section. When I do so I got only about 10 keywords (from over 300 I got in the campaign) showing in the downloaded report sheet. Signups and sells are still not showing.


Any ideas on what the problem could be?

It is important that the report show our sign ups and sales as we do analysis based upon both optins and sales conversion.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.



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Re: Problem related to report downloading.

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Hi Imre,


I'm not positive that this is the same request but we looked at this (or something similar) not too long ago and the thread was resolved by a GE and I quote from here:


"Thank you for your question! The columns that you would like to see (a separate column for each conversion) has been phased out with the older version of AdWords. The way you are currently seeing the conversions showing in reports is the only way to see them at this time. However, this is great feedback to provide for our team as we are always looking to enhance the advertiser experience. If you have a moment, I definitely recommend filling out the following feedback form with your concern:"


I know this doesn't 'help' but perhaps it will resolve your question.




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