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Previous AdWords Metrics Changed...?

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I was reviewing previous weekly results for a campaign that ended earlier this year, when I noticed that the metrics Google was showing for impressions and clicks were way off from what I had recorded at the time. I even verified that data was recorded correctly back in January by reviewing the campaign data we exported from AdWords at the time. The data Google reported at the time versus what they report today for the same periods of the campaign shows differences between 15,000 and 45,000 impressions each week.

Ha anyone else ran into this issue or know why this happened? If you have had this issue, how are you handling it?

Thank you!
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Re: Previous AdWords Metrics Changed...?

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Hi Persuasion,


Thanks for your question. I am going to dig a little deeper into this situation. We'll figure out what the problem is. Smiley Happy

Re: Previous AdWords Metrics Changed...?

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Thanks. I look forward to your input.
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Re: Previous AdWords Metrics Changed...?

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Hello Persuasion P,

My name is Craig from Google AdWords and I am happy to provide some additional insight as to why previous metrics may have changed. I spoke with our technical team and they let me know that there is no reported issue with historical data that is impacting accounts which may have caused the numbers to be greatly different and the numbers reported should be accurate.

There are a few reasons why you may be seeing different data which I would recommend cross-checking just to make sure we are viewing the same data.

1) Filters- It is common for data to appear differently if you have a filter applied in the account at the time that you view the data. This could be something such as looking at only eligible campaigns or campaigns where the clicks were above or below a certain value. Make sure you do not have any filters applied and that you are looking at all campaign data equally.

2) Campaign View- If you have deleted campaigns in the past or have some that are paused, changing the view from "All Campaigns" can change the data you are viewing. "All Campaigns" will show the data for paused, deleted and active campaigns whereas "All Enabled Campaigns" will just show active campaigns. If you are looking at "All but deleted campaigns", you will see the data for enabled and paused campaigns and it will hide the deleted campaigns. With these different views, you should have a consistent number in the Total - all campaigns column but you may notice the Total - all but deleted campaigns column is different for example. Please ensure the views are the same and that you are looking at the same campaign and not one which has since been deleted.

3) Delays and adjustments- Certain metrics may be delayed in the account reports but generally they will be updated within 24-48 hours. In your scenario where you are looking at weekly metrics, if you are looking at today's data it may not be 100% accurate if you are looking at the same day and you should wait roughly 24 hours to make sure the reporting is complete. There may be adjustments and clicks filtered out as well such as invalid activity which we detect and automatically filter out of the account.

All in all there should not be any technical limitations which may have caused the data to report differently. Make sure that you are looking at the data apples to apples and that there are no filters, the date range is identical as well the view is the same. I hope this is helpful and if you would like us to diagnose this particular case further, I may recommend giving us a call so we could see the extracted data you pulled versus what you are seeing in the account!