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Post-impressions conversions

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Hello everyone!


I am trying to understand further about the post-impression conversion (customers that did not click on a GDN banner, but then accessed thru other medium the target web page, like organic). I am trying to undrestand which parameter on the cookies from Google are having the relationship of this, so that I can measure the conversion. I would like to understand this, so that I can send this data to another system for more in-detail analysis.


Thanks a lot for the help!

Best regards,


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Re: Post-impressions conversions

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Hi David,


Thank you for posting on our Community forum. The issue is that when you post the AdWords snippet which is used to track the conversion on a specific page (i.e. Thank you), it will only be triggered when the user visits the page. However the AdWords snippet will not be triggered if the page in question was accessed through another target web page (organic). It seems to me that you may have better chance of tracking it using regular Google Analytics conversion code. Please feel free to visit and post your question on the Analytics Community forum here:!forum/analytics


Here are some related forum discussions you may want to check out for your question &


For your reference, I am also including the AdWords Conversion help page if you would like to re-review how to use conversion tracking:

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Re: Post-impressions conversions

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Hello David C,


As a second opinion to the great advice from John : A conversion without a click, only preceded with an impression in the Display Network is called a view-through conversion :  ( scroll to the middle of the page to View-through conversion data )


"A View-through Conversion happens when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site."


This metric is incremented even when a browser displays an AdWords banner and then completes a conversion through a Direct visit and it is reported only in your Display Network campaigns, only for the Ad Groups which have image Ads. Please note that View-Through conversions are not incremented for text ads in the Display Network.


Now to pass information from AdWords to another application you need API access and I think you should start with this refference :


Search on page for "Ad Group Performance Report" and in there you have the variable "ViewThroughConversions"



More is explained here in the dedicated API forum :!searchin/adwords-api/view-through/adwords-api/lnW1oy-pNhU/4OA5ttgb...




Re: Post-impressions conversions

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Google Employee

Thanks for the additional information and explanation of the View-through Conversion!

Re: Post-impressions conversions

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Thanks both for the replies!

Actually, in this site (the target site) we don't have analytics to track conversions, we have other system.

In here, I would like to add to our current system the view-thru conversion. We track now the conversions for normal clicks, but view-thru conversion is something that we don't know.

Basically, I would like to know how I can know that a customer viewed a GDN campaign from us on an external site and arrived to our site (not clicking on the GDN banner), so that I can start calculating this with our existing analytics system.

We do have Google convesion pixels coming from AdWords, but again, I would like to have everything on the same system instead of using both systems to get all the information. I would like to know, for example, if there are cookies or values that store which campaigns have been viewed, and if it matches the ids from our campaigns, then it means the customer saw our GDN campaign.

Thanks a lot for your help on this regard!

Re: Post-impressions conversions

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I think this kind of data is stored server-side. You won't be able to pull it from local cookies.

Again, the first step is to pull variables from the AdWords API.


In theory You can also use what J.P. said, by counting the values from Analytics multi-channel funnels : Impression Assisted Conversions, described here :


There is the MCF reporting API  ,described here :


But when I looked at what variables can be extracted from the MCF reports, the "Impression Assisted Conversions" reported in the interface doesn't seem to exported through the API  :



To start using the API follow this link


Of course a better opinion could come from other more experienced forum members or a Google Engineer.