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Play Store Conversion tracking

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I spend days with tweaking AdWords/Analytics conversion tracking and I still not able to see all my conversions (they are in status Unverified).


What I did:


1) Installed Analytics SDK into my apps. It works as I see web/inapp campaing tracking

2) Connected AdWords and Analytics accounts

3) Checked AdWords campain on Tracking code tab

4) Created Click To Download campaingn. I have 1000 clicks per week.


It drives mi crazy as I'm stating to get feeling that AdWords conversion together with Mobile app conversion does not work.


I can't believe that 1000 clicks per week is not converted to any single purchase.


Does anytbody have any idea what I missed or how to debug it?




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Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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Hi Tom,

Interesting question (I love these).


Are you certain that a conversion/purchase was actually made?

Can you check with a test purchase?

What's your conversion rate on non-paid traffic?

It MAY be the case that a conversion simply hasn't happened yet.  Do a test transaction (fresh machine or freshly deleted cookies if possible) and we'll debug together from there.

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Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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Hello Tom,


Welcome to the forum Smiley Happy


The first and the foremost thing to look for is to do the test conversion on your own as rightly stated above.


Once you do that by clicking on your own ad and then downloading the application, wait for at least 24 hrs. to see if Adwords update the Conversion data in your Adwords interface or not.


This will help you in diagnosing whether you have implemented the code correctly or not. For details on this specific Conversion tracking code, kindly refer to these notes.


Let us know if that helps somewhere or not!


Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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Thanks for your reply.

I have a question: how can I do test conversion from Advertisment? I can't find ad on the web.

Second question: what if I do test conversion and I find that it is not recorded. How to debug what is missing in the string?

Regarding clicks: do you think that is is possible that thousand people clicked on the ad during the week and NOBODY bought it?

Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

Regarding test conversion: I have no idea how to do it as I can't find my ad on the web.

Lets assume that I missed something in settings. How to debug what is missing?

BTW: I already did exactly what is written in section Set up to track mobile application downloads for Android

Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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You could run a small test campaign or ad group targeting just your area, using an obscure keyword that only you would use and know. 

Re: Play Store Conversion tracking

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Thanks for this idea, I'll try it. And what if I find that it does not work (which is IMHO current status)?


How to diagnose what is wrong?


There is nowhere complex information about this topic, only fragments.


It seems that AdWords/Analytics combo is primarily designed for web and AdWords/Android App/Play Store is kind of hack or bending of the technology that was originally designed for something else with lack of meaningful documentation.