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Pixel impressions

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Hi guys, 


is there a way to check if the pixel got any impressions regardless to the campaign's activity? 

for example- I want to make sure the client implemented the pixel but unable to do a proper pixel test. 


Let me know,


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Re: Pixel impressions

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Hi Maya,

You can check/test your pixel by following ways:

You can check it on the source code of the webpage(thank you page for conversion pixel) whether the pixel has been placed properly. Source code can be opened either by [crtl + u] or right click.
Check whether it is placed before the body end tag </body>. Aslo check whether it is correct, copy the pixel from adwords and [ctrl + f] the source code and paste. If it is correct it will be highlighted.

The live test by choosing the cheapest CPC keyword and make a live conversion.

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Re: Pixel impressions

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Hi Archit,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately what i am looking for is a solution that won't force me to reach the actual page.
I am looking for an outside look on the pixel's activity before the campaign is running.

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Re: Pixel impressions

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Hi Maya M,

If you insert the pixel onto the correct page it will become verified in AdWords as soon as someone fires that pixel, even if they did not come from an ad.

Once you have set the pixel up you can go to tools>conversions and there it will tell you the tracking status.

As soon as the pixel is 'seen' by someone it will become verified, and once someone has fired the pixel after visiting an ad it will become 'recording conversions'.

So in short, you do not have to have your campaigns running in order for a pixel to become verified.

I stand to correction on this one but i think the actual status of a verified pixel without a conversion recording will be 'no recent conversions'

Hope this helps.