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Phone conversions on the keyword level?

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I realized that after implementing phone conversions using the Google forwarding phone number, that while I was able to see these conversions on the Campaign and Ad Group level, I could not see them on the keyword level. I called Google about this and was told that in fact you can't track phone conversions at the keyword level. 


Is this the case? It seems to imply in the help section for setting up ohone conversions with a Google forwarding number that you will be able to see them at the keyword level. And if that is true, how are we to optimize based on these conversions? It does not seem like this would help to make the campaign more effective. 

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Re: Phone conversions on the keyword level?

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Basically, how call tracking works is that when a phone number is called it triggers a conversion. That conversion is tied to that phone number displayed by your ad extension. Google would then attach that phone number to a visit and ad campaign.


To track phone calls at a keyword level you would need a different phone number displayed for every single unique phone call ad extension actively being pulled into a search result by every single unique keyword at any given time.


That's a pretty complicated sentence...


Essentially, you'd need 100's of unique phone numbers for even medium size accounts to track keyword level phone calls.


What we've found useful is to use a tool like Call Rail to track keyword level traffic. The same principle applies but instead of needed a unique number of phone numbers for every phone ad extension displayed, you just need a unique phone number for every unique site visitor coming in from Adwords.


Call tracking software will place a piece of Javascript on your code that can read phone numbers. If a visitor clicks on your ad and you want to track Adwords traffic that visitor will actually see a unique phone number generated for them.


To do keyword level tracking you'll need to know the peak volume of visitors to your website from Adwords (or any traffic source you're tracking) at any given time. You can see this data by looking using Analytics and viewing your traffic by hours instead of by days or months.


Once you know how many visitors can come to your site at any given time you'll have to buy a pool of phone numbers equal to that amount.


We've found it pretty impractical to use keyword level tracking with large clients or clients that have a ton of advertising traffic. However, it can work really well for local businesses. 


Hope that helps! 

Re: Phone conversions on the keyword level?

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Yep, that makes sense. Thanks!