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Phantom Clicks?

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This is the first time I have really run into this issue with AdWords. I do have this consistent problem with Facebook.

I put in a source ID on my URLs for ad campaigns (e.g. ?source=gaw201604) so I can track specific activity of a PPC user. However in the past 24 hours I am not seeing any activity from Analytics of any of my tagged URLs from AdWords (or others). I've received according to AdWords 4 clicks. However I am not seeing any activity on my Analytics. Same goes with Facebook (that has a lot of bot activity I have to contend with) but not a trace of activity.

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Re: Phantom Clicks?

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If it's the same for both, could it be that your source parameter is being stripped through the redirect? I'd check that first.
Also, check the invalid clicks for the keyword so that you can check that they weren't filtered out as "phantom" clicks. In low volume GA accounts, this is a huge issue.

Over 4 clicks, it wouldn't be surprising if there was also some (possibly all the same user which Google WILL charge for) privacy setting or extension that stripped away the parameter.

The GA User-ID feature is best for situations like this although it's pretty difficult to set up and impossible if you don't have your own user database.

Re: Phantom Clicks?

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Hey Lou, how are things?

I'm on board with Dave. Usually when information doesn't match between Analytics and Adwords (or Facebook) is due parameters being stripped.

I also agree that 4 clicks is a very small amount to base your analysis. If you see that this continues to happen for all clicks, then you have a serious problem. Give it more time to collect more clicks information to see what happens.

One other thing that might help is to add parameters from Adwords called Google ValueTracks. By using them along with the one you have for source you will be able to find out if the parameters are being stripped. You can learn more about the ValueTracks over here:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Phantom Clicks?

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Hi Lou,
I recommend to re-check:
1. Analytics /facebook pixel Code on your website
2. Make sure Google analytics is linked with Google Adwords
3. Make sure your landing page is not re-directed to another page
4. Make sure your landing page is open properly when you add source ID. You can use URL builder for the same.

You can track fraud/invalid clicks in your report. Filter out those click.

Hope I helped you.