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Percentage of Location based seaches

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Hi all,


I once read that now, 80% of Google searches are made with location in mind or are location based.

That includes queries that contain words like "near me", "local", "closest" as well as "new york", "france", etc.


I would like to test this on my own national campaign and see how many queries are location based.

I know my campaign has a lot of local searches, generally people using their town or city within the query.


I have a Search Query Report of nearly 3,000 terms but am unsure how I can go about sorting/filtering this data.

All I need here is simply the amount of queries that contain a location or "near me" type terms. 


However, as the locations are so many and varied, it is hard (impossible) to filter.


There must be a quick , possibly automated, way to find this data.
Any ideas are much appreciated!




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Re: Percentage of Location based seaches

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Good afternoon.


As far as I know, there is no AdWords-based functionality to produce a report like this. 


I sometimes want to filter search queries this way, myself. Depending on the size of the search query list, there are a couple of different methods I use.


With a small list of only about 3k, you could use a spreadsheet's search-and-replace function to find the terms you're interested in and change the font or add a bright-color "fill" to the cell. That would make picking out the important terms simple. 


Or, if you're good with more advanced spreadsheet functions, I know that in Excel you can set up a function that searches a column for specific words or phrases and copies them to another column. Then you could "sort" by the new column and see the relevant search queries.


Just my $0.02.

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