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Per user based quality tracking

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we are running personalle recuiting campaigns with adwords.

What we know now from analytics, by tracking the conversion of the goal page, is how many Resumes we are getting for each campaign, which is good.


But has quality of the submission is a very important topic for us, we need to know which specific CV arrived from which campaign.


to explain the case in simple words: we are looking for experienced technicians,

if we run 2 campaigns,

one with "job in new york" as keywords, we'll get 50 CV a day.

the otherone with "experienced technicians job in new york" as keywords, we'll get 1 CV a day.


At the end of the day GA tells us one many CV we got for each campaign, but we don't know WHICH arrived from which.


in out DB we have 100 CV (some from organics). Among these some are good quality, some are not.

How do i know whether the campaign is brining me good quality submission, or it is just bringing me quantity?


One idea we got is to save in out DB the adv campaign id.

Do you know how to retrive that from the cookie?


we are using Wordpress with CF7 to manage forms.


if you know other ways they are equally welcome.


thank you







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Re: Per user based quality tracking

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Hi Jacopo,


It's going to be difficult to extract that data from the cookie. You'll need to capture that from the incoming request. Modify the destination URL for your campaigns to include something like "?campaign=campaign%201". (the %20 represents a space).


When a visitor first hits your site, look for the campaign value, it can be the campaign name, whatever helps you recognize which campaign. Now set your own cookie with that value so you will be able to read that data when the user converts. You can then save that in your DB for future analysis.


Best of Luck!




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