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Paused Adwords campaign recorded as sending traffic in Analtics

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We've been getting this issue for quite some time now. I've been ignoring it because it's a small proportion of traffic. But recently it's been a thorn on my side for quite some time.


I'm not seeing things, and I have double checked and triple checked the basics and can assure you there is nothing wrong with the Adwords setup.


The analytics report is showing 6 clicks out of 89 as coming from campaigns that are certifiably PAUSED, and have been paused for the last 6 months. There is no doubt in my mind at all.


This doesn't seem to be just a "referencing glitch" either. Matched search query from these paused campaigns is showing and it's a keyword that I have been eliminating from my new campaign. 


In addition to this we are using our own click tracking as well as Adwords default click tracking. We can see the click tracking associated with the old campaign sending traffic to the site. 


Is this a known issue? It's annoying that I cannot contact an Adwords rep about this, the only support we have is to post on this forum. Annoying.

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Re: Paused Adwords campaign recorded as sending traffic in Analtics

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I wish i could offer more insight because from my experience when an account is paused, it is paused.  There is no way you should be receiving traffic from a paused account. 


Yes you can contact Adwords directly and get a rep to look into it for you.  The number to Adwords is 1-866-2 Google.


I would love to offer more insight but frankly i dont have access to the account.  Hope this helps.




Re: Paused Adwords campaign recorded as sending traffic in Analtics

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Hi domingo,


Are you being billed for these clicks? If not, the user may have bookmarked the landing page before visiting other pages on your site. That bookmark would carry the gclid (or the manual tagging) that identifies the visit as an AdWords click or as paid search. Are these clicks from new or returning visitors. If they are returning, the bookmark is also likely the culprit.


Best of Luck!




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