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Pass original keyword and realtime CPC

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On each click I receive from gaw to my landing page, I would like to be able to pass the following 4 infos inside the url:

Trafic source
Campaign id
Costs Per Click

I guess the link out syntax on each ad should look something like:

where source and campaignid are predefined by me.

Which code should i insert instead of “&keyword=bakedbeans&costs=7.65” in order to pass the search term used by the visitor as well as the actual cost for each and every visits originated from gaw.


Also is it possible to "encrypt" the actual pickup cost - so that competitors can't read it in plain text.


Ps. I'm not using Google analytics - instead the 4 values are fetched by my platform on each transaction.

Hope my question make sense and that it is possible to do this.


Best regards



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September 2015

Re: Pass original keyword and realtime CPC

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Hi Soren,

Traffic source: Hard code this value
Campaign id: You many need to hard code this value
Keyword: use the Value track parameter {keyword}
Costs Per Click: This data is not available at the click level.

Note: {keyword} returns the keyword on which you bid that was triggered by the user's search query. In most cases, the actual search query is not available. If it's from a Google search, the search query itself is rarely provided, even in the referrer data.

Your ad destination URL will look something like this:{keyword}

You won't need to create keyword level destination Urls for every keyword this way.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Pass original keyword and realtime CPC

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Dear Pete,

Thank you for the reply.

Hopefully Goggle one day will make it possible to pass on the real Costs Per Click in the url.

Best regards