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Particular type of search/display campaign

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Hi there,


I work as part of an in-house marketing team and currently the paid search and display channels are run separately by different teams, but share the same Audience remarketing lists. 


I want to create a particular hybrid campaign that lies in between those two channels. Let's say I create a campaign titled "Hardware ABC" with the settings "Search network with Display Select" rather than "Search network only." Is it possible to:


- Create a campaign that contains keywords and ads (both text and image ads), with the purpose of paid search bringing in the prospective users and remarketing being enabled but only for Display

- Have it so that those keywords are NOT bidding as a keyword in the Google Display Network, hence not operating as a display keyword but solely as a 'paid search network' keyword (so with match types broad, phrase and exact). If have the above settings prevent this then please let me know

- Remarket to those that visited the site but ONLY those that have visited via this campaign "Hardware ABC". Is the only way to do this is via creating another Audience in the GTM hence another list?

- When remarketing to this very specific group of users set it so that only display ads can be served (and on the Placements that I have approved on the GDN)



Please let me know if this wild idea is a possibility.




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Re: Particular type of search/display campaign

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First of all, You can't use display remarketing for the campaign type "search and display select". Search Remarketing is only available for "Search and Display Select".

Second of all, you should know that your ads over the display network are not showing for all the audience. they only show selectively for the users who are likely more interested in your ads (Google use its own methods to determine that), this means you can't target them using the regular targeting methods you using over the display only campaigns. Google shows your ads to customers who are browsing sites related to your keywords and who are most likely to make a purchase.

Regarding creating two separate remarketing lists; one for all visitors and one for paid visitors, this can be done easily if your using specific landing pages for your adwords campaings, so you can create a list for visitors who visited this specific page and exclude them from the all visitor list.

Re: Particular type of search/display campaign

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Awesome, thanks for the helpful tips and answers.

Re: your 2nd point, I actually selected a list of placements that were suggested within the AW Display Planner tool, and mass input those within the Placements section of the campaign. If my paid search keywords are also being used as display keywords (hence my ads being shown on placements that list these keywords) would I not be limited to only those placements that I have opted into? Or as you mentioned will Google use its own methods to determine which placements are best on the entire GDN network?