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PPC traffic seen in analytics realtime, but not as a goal / conversion (bookeo)

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I have been struggling with a nasty Adwords/Analytics conversion tracking issue, and for the love of life, I cannot find a solution.


We have a website on wix, running bookeo platform. We have Analytics and Google conversion tracking set up as suggested by their helpdesk. According to bookeo, the suggested way to track Adwords conversions in their system is to import the data from Analytics goals. Fair enough. 


The goal seems to work fine when it comes to recording conversions coming from all platforms in Analytics. The problem is that CPC conversions do not seem to register in Analytics as CPC, they appear as direct/none.


Here's an illustrated test.


1) In real-time we can see the ad traffic coming in, even on the last screen of bookeo. So our customer has happily clicked on the ad, decided to book, and even payed. That's a conversion, and in real-time, we seem to "see" this up until the last minute / last step.




2) However, once the booking's done, the same data will appear in the Conversion/Goals tab in Analytics, but not as CPC, and thus, neither in adwords. We are losing tracking at this point, somehow.




The question is, I guess, what am I missing here?


I can see analytics data in adwords. I can see adwords data in analytics. The two are connected, data-sharing enabled. Auto-tagging also enabled. I don't think the issue is between Analytics and Adwords, rather between goal tracking and/or Analytics and/or bookeo.


Any ideas? Thank you!




PPC traffic seen in analytics realtime, but not as a goal / conversion (bookeo)

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Hi Peter,


You might be able to find a better answer in the GA community as this seems to be tracking implementation issue. With that said, I've had my fair share of issues with cross-domain tracking, but I've never dealt with it in an i-frame. I am not familiar with Bookeo, but I see from your site the actual booking app looks to be an i-frame from their site.


The times I've dealt with cross-domain tracking all sources (not just CPC) showed up as either direct or as a self-referral (referral from your site). If you are saying that all the steps in the booking app (which seems to reside on Bookeo) is still showing up as CPC, but changes only on the confirmation page, then I would double-check the GA code on the confirmation page. Does that page reside on Bookeo or your site? It looks like Bookeo might be set up properly for cross-domain tracking (again I've not dealt with i-frames), at least on the pages leading to the confirmation page (I didn't complete a purchase to find out =). However, if the visitor comes back to your site for the confirmation page, then it might not have the appropriate coding to track it as a continuous visit.


I'm sure that was clear as mud. Best of luck.



PPC traffic seen in analytics realtime, but not as a goal / conversion (bookeo)

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Also you should keep in mind that Google AdWords data is not reported or accurate in real-time.