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PPC on branded Terms

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Does investment in brand keywords cannibalise or deliver incremental sales? How do I run a test via adwords and analytics?

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Re: PPC on branded Terms

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Hi Sayem,

This is a question (or similar question) that come up often, especially from clients.

PPC on branded terms is a MUST, and can easily be measured. You will need to link webmaster tools with your AdWords account and this will give you access to a Paid & Organic report. This report is easy to read and will show you the value of having both.

For example you will often find something along the lines of the following kinds of numbers for certain keywords:

Ad only : CTR 8%
Organic Only: CTR 31%
Ad & Organic: CTR 74%

Furthermore according to studies done by the likes of Search engine land amongst others, they have found things along the lines of:

"Surprisingly, even when advertisers show up in the number one organic search result position, 50% of clicks they get on ads are not replaced by clicks on organic search results when the ads don’t appear."

This means that by having an ad you are increasing traffic by 50% in comparison to not having an ad for the same term. This quote was referring to branded traffic with the organic result in the number one postion.

To learn more about the Paid & Organic report mentioned above please refer to this link:

There is a lot to talk about on this subject and I did not want to get to much into it, so in short: it delivers!

Hope this helps.

Re: PPC on branded Terms

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Hi Sayem,

To me, investing in brand keywords through AdWords is very much fruitful. It helps to fill the gap that organic search results leave. That's my personal experience with a few clients.

It is not necessary that organic results will always put a brand keyword in the first two/three spots. And not being around this fold means losing out considerably on potential brand phrases. Investing in such keywords through AdWords (targeting brand keywords through 'broad match' type) can make up for the brand-terms that organic results might be failing to address.

Secondly, if one is not investing in it, it becomes easier for competitors to bid on your brand keywords and snatch the traffic which you otherwise would have deserved.

About test, as @Clynton said, you can Connect Adwords with Analytics and Webmasters to dig deep into the results. Run a campaign with brand keywords for a certain period, at least a week or two, and then compare it with the previous data. Once you pause this brand campaign, let it be this way for a week, and compare the data again.

This way you can have in-depth insights.


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Re: PPC on branded Terms

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All the reasons listed are accurate. They do help with filling the gap and it doesn't cannibalize your organic traffic.

A few other good reasons to run branded keywords
1. Protect your turf from competitor ads. Your quality score will be much better than anyone elses, so the clicks should be cheap for branded keywords...but if your competitors are bidding on your brand name (which they are allowed to) than you run the risk of them STEALING traffic that is intended for you.

If you don't own a trademark on your name, they can even use your name in an ad.

I have also heard the argument that having branded keywords will increase your account quality score, which will influence the quality score of any new keywords you add to your account until they accumulate enough clicks to have their own QS.

Running branded keywords will also give you an accurate idea of how much actual search volume their is for your brand, so you can measure things like how much your branded search impressions grow over time, etc...