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PLA and Google Shopping

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Okay...I am a bit baffeled about the whole PLA and Google Shopping inclusion thing. We used AdWords, without very good ROI many, many year ago. So we suspended using our account. Months ago Google announced that stores would no longer show up in Google Shopping unless they set up an AdWords account, funded it, and create a PLA campaign. 


We weren't happy about having to pay for traffic again, however we bit the bullet and went ahead and got all set up again. Funded our account. Had our rep walk us through setting up our first PLA campaign, etc. Everything was great. We continued to show up in shopping, with even higher rankings it seemed then before (whether this is true or not, not sure, but it seemed like it). This was all true until the actual day they switched everyone over to paid inclusion last week.


All of the sudden we are no longer showing up in Google Shopping AT ALL! Nor are many of our direct competitors, who I know spend heavily on regular AdWords accounts, so I am guessing the also have PLA accounts. In any event, don't really care about them, but am gravely concerned about where we went.


Now when we do a search of our products in Google Shopping all we see are a long series of eBay listings, some, and some Etsy, on certain types of products.


Our feeds continue to be sent to Google, on a regular basis. Our products in our Merchant Center show as fine. All have green check marks by them, and show as searchable, for "product search," "product ads," and "search API for shopping." Our AdWords setting in Merchant Center is tied to our PLA campaign, as it should be.


In our AdWords account i can see we are being charged for clicks in our PLA campaign, though only a few a day. We have set a daily budget of $100 for them, with a maximum default CPC of 50¢ each. My dashboard shows our average CPC is currently 7¢. However we have absolutley NOTHING showing up in Google Shopping! I have checked from my comptuers at work, my computers at home, and computers in other locations.! Smiley Sad


I called Google and spoke with someone in AdWords who checked our account for us and didn't see anything wrong. (If nothing's wrong where did we go!) He tells me to contact Merchant Center help for additional information. Well, I contacted them first (they only have email), over a week ago, with no response yet. Smiley Sad


Okay, so what am I paying money for, if I am not showing up in Google Shopping? How the heck do I get some help from Google on this issue? I am new to all of this. As I said, it has been years since we worked in AdWords and it was totally different then. PLA is something new to us entirely. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's only to point us in the direction of someone that can help. 

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Re: PLA and Google Shopping

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Hi printergirl,


As things have changed recently you might find that your bid may not be high enough to get enough traffic through. I know your bid is $0.50 but you are only paying $0.07 CPC which isn't much. Have you tried increasing your bid to, say, $1 to see what happens?


Maybe it's like having your products listed as having a "below 1st page bid" scenario without the warning that it actually is.


There is obviusly going to be a lot more competition now that the previously free shopping results have to paid for as well.


Maybe give a higher bid a go for a while to see how it performs then re-evaluate it again.


The other option would be to review all your merchant center titles, descriptions etc to see if you can make your products more relevant to the searches.


If you want to see what keywords were triggering your PLA's you can go to the keywords tab ( I know it's empty ) and then click keywords details > all and you should be able to see what's been triggering your existing PLA's.



Re: PLA and Google Shopping

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Hello, printergirl.


Here's another thread where I provided some kind of a troubleshooting guide for such situations:


Try to go through those steps and see if it does not help you as well.


Good luck!

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Re: PLA and Google Shopping

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I think most of the advertisers are not accepting that one of there FREE source / medium of traffic is now PAID!....


The best thing you can do straight away to connect your AdWords account with Google Analytics and keep an eye on Real time reports the excellent way to know all stats.....