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Omniture and Google Analytics - Using Both Tools

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Hi Guys, 

   I am reaching out to solve a problem that we are currently facing as a business and thought that this would be the most appropriate place to ask. 


We're currently looking to transition our analytics package from Google Analytics to Adobe Omniture. For paid search this is less than ideal and because we rely on Google Analytics for much of our campaign optimisation we wanted to use both GA and Omniture to track paid search. 


The questions that I have are:

- Has anyone faced a similar situation with using both Omniture (Site Catalyst) and GA in tandem before, were there any issues that I should be aware of. 

- Will I still be able to Auto-Tag through GA using gclid and manually tag for Omniture URLs

- If I was to transition from GA conversions to AdWords conversions into the interface is there any risk of losing data for auto optimised campaigns. 


Thanks in advance for looking at this issue. 


Kind Thanks, 


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Re: Omniture and Google Analytics - Using Both Tools

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Hello, Matt.


a) Unfortunately, I never had the budget for Omniture Site Catalyst, maybe also because Analytics is free and I did not find a good business case to buy a solution as long as the free one did its job very well. If you do have such a business case, would you be as kind as to share it with us? I'd love to hear about it firsthand.


b) I see no reason why not, though your URLs will look like "regularURL?campaign=campaignName&keyword=keyWordName&...&gclid=123456" (or something like that). Omniture will extract campaign data from that URL and Analytics will still use gclid to communicate with AdWords. I think that you will have to do a exclusion of those query parameters (the Omniture ones) in your Analytics account, to make sure that Analytics does not consider those URLs as different. In case you don't care about that, and will only use Omniture for anything but AdWords integration I think you should be fine.


c) I do not think conversion optimizer will be affected by the fact that you will register a conversion via the AdWords code and not as a GA imported conversion, because AdWords is conversion-type-agnostic. Any conversion is good, and any variables that lead to that conversion will be used to try to optimize for another type of conversion. The conversion optimizer cannot optimize only for a subset of conversions (although we would certainly love it, especially when converted values vary significantly across conversion types, i.e. leads versus conversions.) The only thing you should make sure of is that any conversion which is reported now through GA gets to be reported via AdWords.


My 2 Omniture-ignorant cents.

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