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Offline conversions (calls + conversions)

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I understand that there is GclId is required field for adding offline conversions. but there is little confusion, Please let me know.What if there is 1 call and 4 clicks.
How do we know which click was converted into call.
I am working with php - adwords api.
Thank you.
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Re: Offline conversions (calls + conversions)

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Welcome to the AdWords Community Vijaysinh.


Offline conversion which is tracked using Gclid is useful in the following conditions:


  • when you close a sale offline 
  • 30 days after the online sale so you can exclude transactions that resulted in a return
  • only if the sale was made to a new customer
  • only if it is a customer's second purchase
  • when you close a sale online but are unable to use our standard Javascript-based conversion tracking solution

If you collect lead information from the person who clicked your ad, this offline conversion method is helpful. 


I don't understand one thing, you are saying 'calls' . Can phone calls be tracked this way? I believe - NO. As if somebody simply calls you up from the landing page, you do not get to track the Gclid ID. You need to capture the Gclid to make this conversion tracking work. 


Now when there are 4 clicks and one lead (collected Gclid through form). You will obviously know the Gclid of that particular click as it's a unique ID for every click.


More information can be found here


Additionally, tracking 'Call' conversion is done through a forwarding number. Information is here






Re: Offline conversions (calls + conversions)

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Hi Vijaysinh,


The gclid parameters are used to help understand online behaviors. Gclid parameters are appended to the URL to help pull in visitor data such as source, medium, the keyword they used and more. If your AdWords and Analytics accounts are linked, Analytics will import a lot of data. You can also set up goals in your Analytics account to help track data.


Unfortunately, calls are not currently included in Google Analytics tracking. There are a few ways to obtain this data, though:
* If you use a Google forwarding number in your call extensions, you can look at the call details report within the dimensions tab. Unfortunately, you can't see calls by keyword but you can see them by Ad Group, which is helpful. Note: this will ONLY track calls that happened as a result of a call extension. It will not track calls that happen on your website, unless you utilize Google's Web Site Call Conversions. There are also several call tracking providers with extensive capabilities (including integration with Google Analytics and bid management platforms) but they can require a significant investment. 


* If you don't want to use an on-page call tracking solution, you can implement click-to-call tracking in Google Analytics so that when someone uses the click-to-call feature on your website you will pull the data into Google Analytics for future analysis. However, there will likely be several visitors that dial the number instead of using click-to-call (especially desktop users) and you won't  be able to track these calls without using a call tracking solution.  


in other words, if you implement both solutions above, you'll at least have some data but it won't paint the full picture without additional resources.


Hope this helps!

Amy Bishop, Clix Marketing

Re: Offline conversions (calls + conversions)

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Would it be possible to see a list of GCLIDs based on the calls received and then match the info according to the time the call was received?

Re: Offline conversions (calls + conversions)

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