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Offline conversion tracking from user who clicked ad

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Hi all,


Here's the scenario:


1.) User clicks on our ad

2.) User is taken to landing page and submits their email information

3.) An autoresponder is sent to email with a one-click "download" link

4.) User clicks link and download automatically starts


By using Adwords "offline conversion tracking", will the system be able to count this as a conversion?


If not, do you have any suggestions on how to better setup this conversion tracking?



Re: Offline conversion tracking from user who clicked ad

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hi chris,

Here there is no need of offline conversion tracking.

You can track conversions at two levels with the help of Adwords and Analytics.
when the user clicks the ad and sign up with the email you can track conversion by adding conversion tracking code to thank you page.
Here is how to set up conversion tracking

And, for tracking downloads through your emails you can use 'Analytics link tagging' feature. Read the guide to properly implement the tracking.

Here is how you can add Analytics link tagging.


I hope this helps you


Thanks and Regards

John Paul