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Not Quite Sure What to Make of My Adword Results

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I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what is happening in my first Adwords campaign.


The day before yesterday, I was showing some impressions, ctr, average cpc etc....


But then I decided to refine my keywords and make them a little more specific..

For example, I turned "drink" to "drink recipe" (good, I thought...)


Now they are still key words that are seached for daily, so no problem there.

There is also, no paid competion abolutely no advertising shows up when I enter these key words in the google search (also, good I thought...)


My max CPC bid is their suggestion (around 2-3 dollars depending on key word) and my daily max is set at $10.


My status is eligable.


But I have absolutely NOTHING showing up!  

No impressions, no stats, nothing... all zeros.


I went to bed and left it as it is, and still nothing in the morning.


Any ideas?


Thanks Joanne

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Re: Not Quite Sure What to Make of My Adword Results

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Hi Joanne,
Congratulations on launching your first Campaign and welcome to AdWords!
Couple things to look at -
My guess is that your Keywords are too low search volume to show. Google will not show Ads that have a Low Search Volume -
Meaning, if you refined your Keywords to be too narrowly focused then your Ads may not show. A suggestion here is to keep those Keywords in your Account, they may start to show as your Keywords are searched on more. Expanding your Keyword list may help give you more Impressions.
The only real solve for this is just to expand your Keyword set and hope that eventually your targeted keywords get searched on more. It's worth noting, you should always test, but do not constantly spend money on Keywords that are not giving you a strong ROI.
Although this sounds like it won't be an issue, another thing to check your Estimated First Page Bids. For the new Keywords you added, are your Keyword Max CPCs high enough? If not, then your Ads may not show. Sounds like you're bidding high enough, but might work checking. First Page Bid Estimates -
Finally, check your Ads - make sure they're still active and approved.

Hope this helps and please post more questions as you have them!

Re: Not Quite Sure What to Make of My Adword Results

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Thanks so much for the quick reply!!! And thank you for the extra read!
I did a quick tweak which, in turn, opened up all my current stats.
I'll share just in case any one else runs into the same problem (as I hang my head and roll my eyes at myself)

I closed adwords, and reopened it... voila!! There it all was.

Close, and refresh... always good to try before you holler for help!

Thanks again! :-)