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No clicks from AdWords in Google Anaytics [AdWords Broken?]

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Today we've seen problems with Google Analytics reporting no. of clicks from AdWords. Attaching screen shot (it's only CPC traffic). As you can see visits from AdWords start droping at 11:00.


AdWords broke down


Compering data AdW and GA:


(couldn't add table :/)


hours today clicks today from AdW Visits GA from PPC
9 1995 1990
10 2130 2110
11 2455 2155
12 2335 290
13 905 125


(paste it in spreatsheet)


As you can see big discrapensies at 12:00 and 13:00. 


This problems showed on multiple AdWords accounts for couple of different clients.


Is it only on our Polish market or you guys are having the same problems?


We've paused our campaigns at 2:00 PM so I don't have any more data.


Please check your Traffic Sources > AdWords > Day Parts  report and compere to other days.

What do you think?

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Re: No clicks from AdWords in Google Anaytics [AdWords Broken?]

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They look pretty much ok in some of my accounts, but I have often noticed that in Analytics there seem to be "slow" periods and "fast" periods. I've seen that especially when it came to reporting conversions from AdWords. Apparently they're not too many and then, all of a sudden, they show up.


Give it a bit more time to rest and look at it in 2-3 hours. My guess is that it'll get back to the usual.


That is, of course, in case somebody did not mess up with the website code, and maybe CPC visits generate errors and are no longer reported under AdWords (gclid or other parameters?).

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Re: No clicks from AdWords in Google Anaytics [AdWords Broken?]

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After 3 hours things got back to normal. There was let's say lagg in reporting in Google Analytics. I got really worried because it also correlated with some drop in call center. Anyway it look like there was no problem accually. 

Re: No clicks from AdWords in Google Anaytics [AdWords Broken?]

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I have experienced this many times and according to google analytics documentation the lag can be up to 24 hrs but from my experience in many cases i have seen lag of up to 6 hrs

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: No clicks from AdWords in Google Anaytics [AdWords Broken?]

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Hey, its not the matter of being Panic. It happens quite often. Sometimes GA experiences the technical problems thus slows down. Y'day me too faced the same and after few hours it settled down.


So I would suggest you to wait for a while and check. If still the same problem persists cantact Google Support. Smiley Happy


Thanks with regards,

Anand Vishwakarma