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No Longer Showing Paid Traffic

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About a month ago, we had a Wordpress site that went down due to a billing issue with hosting. They had to restore via backup. Since then there has been no Paid Traffic showing in our Analytics, although UA is tracking. We get most of our traffic via Adwords. I have tried everything I can think of and still can't get it to work! Some details:


- We use Tag Manager (there were no edits in there prior to this event

- The only edit to the site was made when we switched from Tag Manager to straight UA script (post event), which didn't work either so we switched it back

- Yes, the Analytics and Adwords accounts are linked properly

- We tried adding UTM strings to the destination URL

- We tried turning off auto-tagging in Adwords

- We tried turning off auto-tagging and then adding UTM

- We tried setting up a brand new Analytics account

- Finally, we moved the site onto a different host

NOTHING has worked. I have checked everything I can check. Is it a code issue??

No Longer Showing Paid Traffic

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Do you have any sort of redirect on the site that could be wiping out the source information? This could even be www to non-www or http to https. Redirects can strip out the gclid or manual tags. If so, just make sure your final urls point to the actual final page.


Second, I would try to narrow down where the problem lies. I would open GA to the real-time reporting in one tab. If you have a filter set up to filter out internal traffic, make sure you are using one that does not.


I would then go to my site in another window. Check the real time reporting and make sure my visit is showing. If you have a lot of traffic from your area, making it hard to point out your specific visit, I would go to a rarely viewed page, like a policy page.


Did your visit show up?


If so, then the tag SHOULD be working.


Next, you said even manually tagging didn't work. Before resorting to clicking on my own add, I would create a link and manually tag it. Make sure to give the utm_source some obvious name, like "test". This way you know when you see it in the real-time reporting that it's working.


Have the real-time reporting up and go to the traffic sources view. Click on the link you created in another window and see if the visit pops up with that source. It definitely should if your prior visit was showing. If it doesn't, then make sure your link is properly tagged, the syntax is correct, and check any redirects again (even http to https or www to non-www, etc). If you think those might be an issue, test the different versions (with/without https, with/without www) and see if it makes a difference.


If it's working I would now click on a live ad. Does the gclid get appended to the url? If not, then check redirects again because it may be stripping it away, or ensure your auto-tagging is turned on and try again. If it does get appended, go check the real-time report to see if it's showing.


Also, I would suggest using incognito mode when testing so no cookies are saved. Otherwise, clear your cookies between each site visit to eliminate possibility of GA seeing a continuous session.


Good luck.