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Newsletter sign ups

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Newsletter sign ups is one of my conversions, but I do not want all my campaigns to strive for it. What can be the best possible account structure for me and what bid strategy should I use?

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That is a very vague question. It depends upon what product or service you offer, What the structure and Calls to action on your landing pages are.

When you create your campaigns, keywords, Ads and landing pages, you have control over what message you are delivering, and what page the click through will land upon.

If you landing page has calls to action for contact us, Buy Now, Sign up for newsletter, etc you are directing the user to follow your intended sales funnel.

As far a Bid strategies, it depends upon what type of campaigns you are running, Is it search, is it display, is it remarketing, is it Youtube etc?

Each have there own potential best course of action. When starting out an account I usually opt for Manual CPC bidding so that i can optimize the account, determine what are my best ads, best keywords, best landing pages etc.

Once those determinations are in place possible 30-60-90 days or more then I might attempt to use a Enhanced CPC, or Optimize for conversions etc.

I tend to want to control my account and budgets and ROI, so I pretty much stick to a CPC or Enhance CPC, with potential Bid Adjustments for Device, Geo Location.

i also use remarketing and RLSA campaigns that may have a more aggressive Bidding strategy because those campaigns are tied to prior Users that have come to my site and on my remarketing lists

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