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New conversion optimizer from adwords

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Google announce about moving conversion setting from "Converted Clicks" to "Conversion" to support Smart Bidding, However my business has run campaign for leads generation for financial services, So what I am understanding that lead generation must setting to converted click to prevent duplicate conversion, then what would be happen for lead generation campaign once they applied these metric or we don't need to worry about that. Because we always prevent conversion that duplicate to see the real CPA.

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September 2016

Re: New conversion optimizer from adwords

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Hi Apiwat,

I hope i understood you correctly and the issue you are reffering to is that you do not want to double count a lead, lets say in an even where the user refresh the thank you page, where the conversion code is located, several times. is that correct?

If that is the case you need to go to Tools->Conversions->Select the relevant conversion->Edit->Count->'One'
This will be how you count 'converted click' in the future.

You can also read the following posts for better understanding on switching from 'Converted Clicks' to 'Conversions' and how you track your conversions:

I hope that helps you.